Drone Build-A-Thon

Brace yourself for the biggest DRONE event yet in SA!

D-BAT will be conducted in South Africa in the Western Cape region, with the intent of growing beyond the province and to the rest of the country. The event is proactively and carefully designed to re-invent how technology is seen by future leaders in the area. We aim to utilize drones in ways that benefits the South African economy. With industry 4.0 upon us, our aim is to ready the nation in this rapidly growing sector and our objective is to open dialogue in South Africa to promote transparent legislation.


The drone industry is one of the fastest growing sectors that is fueled by the 4th Industrial Revolution. We need to ensure opportunities are created in education and skills development.


To build a socio-economic platform with the emphasis on re-energizing impoverished communities and create opportunities in the engineering (computer, drone, mechanical, robotic) and aviation sector


Our mission is to pave the way forward for our youth and grant them the opportunities they never had access to. Our aim is to expand their career choices by creating platforms that will assist them in planning a better future. 


Drone Build-A-Thon, in partnership with African Society for Cyber Security Awareness.